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ID Badges

One thing I have noticed since working at UAB is that there are so many people and knowing everyone is so difficult. It is made worse when their badge is flipped around so you cannot see their name or position in the hospital. At my previous hospital, every employee was issued two ID badges to keep on their badge holder, one on the "front" side and one on the "back" side. This ensures that when the badge inevitably flips around you can still see the photo, name, and credentials of the employee you are meeting. This would be an investment for the hospital to get every employee another badge, however, it is an easy solution to an issue that affects UAB employees and most importantly UAB patients. The first step for communicating with our patients and families is to let them know who they are interacting with on their team.

edited on Sep 25, 2021 by Madison Pruett
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Madison, Thank you for sharing your idea. I agree that knowing the name of those providing care is an important element of the communication process. Please continue to share any other thoughts or ideas you have. Also, be sure to encourage others to join the challenge and share their ideas.

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