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UAB Highlands

I quit being a patient at the UAB Pain Clinic located at UAB Highlands because of the way they treated their patients. The clinic is located at the REAR of the facility. Patients in PAIN are required to walk to the absolute rear of the building. The side parking lot and door can not be used because of Covid. So PAIN patients are having to walk the furthest. On my last pain blocks there, i was pushed through the hospital in an UNPADDED wheelchair. How is this even possible? I was stuck three times for pain blocks and then i was pushed through the hospital in an unpadded wheelchair. This too makes no sense. Why can’t there be some common sense used? I contacted the patient advocate and never received a callback. It was an absolutely horrible experience. There is a Covid screener at the emergency room entrance next to the pain clinic entrance, why can’t patients in PAIN enter there?  

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Jim, Thank you for sharing your experience and your ideas surrounding how we can improve. I have sent these thoughts to those who can help. We strive to provide exceptional care and service to our patients. Please continue to encourage other to join the conversation and share their feedback and ideas.

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