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Better pay and working conditions for UAB employees

UAB as the largest employer in the state has a responsibility to set an example for enlightened leadership in taking care of employees by paying them the MOST possible instead of as little as possible. How much of an impact would UAB have on the health and welfare of this community by paying employees a decent living wage ($15 hr+) and allowing us reasonable time off? More than all the federal funded research studies UAB conducts combined! It is shameful what UAB pays it's "essential" workers! As a Guest Service Rep, we work weekends and holidays for much less than basic overtime! Is this even legal? Come on UAB "leadership"! Turn the paradigm on it's head and start paying your people the most possible instead as little as possible and watch how it impacts this community. NO more "kudos" please! More compensation and time off is what is valuable to us, not "we appreciate you so much, and kudos"? Come on UAB, you must and can do better!

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Willian, I would like to personally thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas about how we can make our organization better place for our employees. I agree that we are a leader in the state and that our employees are very important to our continued success. I also believe that with engaged employees we can provide exceptional care and service. I hope you were able to see todays announcement that was sent out via email this morning. Leadership has announced additional a number of changes that respond to your ideas including additional paid time off, increases to based pay, raises, and a thank you incentive for everyone's hard work and dedication over the past year. Please encourage others to join the conversation and help us improve the patient experience here at UAB.

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William Wittmeier Sep 29, 2021

Thank you Chris for responding to and addressing my comments. And I did see the announcement regarding raises coming in the future as well as other incentive compensation. UAB is moving in the right direction for enlightened leadership in recognizing the old organizational paradigm of paying management more for keeping payroll costs as low as possible is outdated and non-motivational. UAB has no shareholders to answer to. Why not make UAB the nations leader in recognizing that investing the most possible in your employees, rather than the minimum required, will yield far reaching benefits for the health and well being of the whole community and state, as well as UAB itself. Again, thank you Chris for your response. In all honesty I didn't expect one, and even worried I put my job on line by commenting!

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