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Transports NP to TKC

I routinely see patient families (and even guest services) struggling to push patients up the ramp from NP into the TKC access area. Are there viable alternatives to this route? 

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Chris Brainard, Office of Patient Experience 8 months ago

Thank you for sharing this feedback Janie. Are there other locations where you see a similar challenge?

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Janie Roberson 8 months ago

Not that I have observed. This is just an area I frequently walk through.

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Leah Lawler, UAB Office of Patient Experience 7 months ago

I was volunteering with transport yesterday and had to take this route. I concur that it is very difficult to push patients up this ramp. There are alternate routes, but they are a bit longer and less direct. I think it would help a bit if the flooring was vinyl and not carpet, as carpet adds to the difficulty. I agree with you, Janie!

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Janie Roberson 7 months ago

I agree, vinyl flooring might be easier. Also, I don't know how prominently a call box is displayed in case help is needed. I know there is something at the other end of that ramp.

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