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Discharge communication and DME

It would be incredibly helpful to put the contact information for the doctor who saw you in the hospital on the discharge papers. Why is this not done? When I had to get FMLA papers done after my hospital stay, I literally had to call the charge nurse on the floor I had been on to get in touch with the doctor for me. It should not be that hard to find someone who treated you. I was also discharged with a backpack oxygen tank that got a dead battery before I made it home. It was a life threatening situation and I couldn’t get in touch with anyone at either UAB or Aerocare the DME company. My husband was terrified. We had multiple issues with Aerocare.  Maybe UAB should pick a better DME company as their “go-to”. That O2 tank having a dead battery before I could drive 10 minutes from the hospital was ridiculous. Please stop recommending Aerocare.

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Chris Brainard, Office of Patient Experience 8 months ago

Jana, Thank you for sharing this feedback. I am sorry to hear about the challenges you encountered. We will share this information with others who can help. Please continue to share your ideas and feedback. Please encourage others to join the conversation.

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